Symbolic Interaction Vol.41 (4) is Out!


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Deservingness, Deadbeat Dads, and Responsible Fatherhood: Child Support Policy and Rhetorical Conceptualizations of Poverty, Welfare, and the Family

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“They Are Just Like You and Me”: Cultivating Volunteer Sympathy

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Escort Clients’ Sexual Scripts and Constructions of Intimacy in Commodified Sexual Relationships

A video abstract is available at

Making the Discovery: The Creativity of Selecting Fiction Manuscripts from the Slush Pile




Outside The Interactionist Mainstream: The Contributions of Orrin E. Klapp


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Classic Grounded Theory—The Latest Version: Interpretation of Classic Grounded Theory as a Meta‐Theory for Research


Ethnography Cross‐Examined

Not So Evident, after all

The Lessons to be Learned from a (Re)Introduction to Covert Research: Ethics beyond Informed Consent

A Tale of War Between Masculinity and Sensitivity

All You Need to Know About Social Identity

Imitation of Life

Narratives in the Flesh, Online

Interaction Mechanics: Communicative Practices of an Auto‐Repair Shop Owner

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New Article by M.J. Ghidina “Finding God in Grain” #sssi #sociology #religion

We have just published Marcia J. Ghidina’s article “Finding God in Grain: Crop Circles, Rationality, and the Construction of Spiritual Experience” on Early View of Symbolic interaction. Ghidina explores how “believers define crop circles  as spiritual using subjective and normative rationality”

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New book review explores “a tension between unity and pluralistic social movements” – JL Johnson on R. Dunn’s “Toward a Pragmatist Sociology” #sssi #sociology

“Robert G. Dunn’s Toward a Pragmatist Sociology  demonstrates John Dewey’s influence on sociological imagination, arguing that a synthesis of Deweyan and Millsian social science could regain cultural relevance for sociology.” We have published J.L. Johnson’s review on Early view.

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johnson on dunn

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New article: “Manipulation in Board Game Interactions: Being a Sporting Player” by Emily Hofstetter & Jessica Robles #sssi #sociology #EMCA

We have just published Emily Hofstetter and Jessica Robles article “Manipulation in Board Game Interactions: Being a Sporting Player” on Early View of the journal. The authors use an approach used across symbolic interactionism, discursive psychology and conversation and analysis to reveal how players negotiate what is acceptable manipulation in board games. The paper comes with a wonderful video abstract.

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Jeffrey Nash’s Review of “Microsociological Perspectives for Environmental Sociology” published – #sssi #sociology

The environment is often discussed in macrosociological terms. Bradley H. Brewster and Antony Puddephatt’s edited collection “Microsociological Perspectives for Environmental Sociology” “demonstrates how micro‐perspectives address matters previously within the domain of macro‐analytic research, and how such analysis can inform theory and politics—a welcome contribution to environmental sociology.”

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New Book Review: Lee Blackstone reviews three books on music and wellbeing #sssi #music

There is plenty of interest in music and music related topics within interactionist sociology. Save for the large amount of research articles and book reviews in Symbolic Interaction we have the SSSI Music blog where J Sumerau and others explore music with an interactionist lens. Whilst music is largely seen in the context of culture and leisure as well as occasionally in the context of work there is a growing interest in the relationship between music and wellbeing. With regard to this latter discussion Lee Blackstone (SUNY Old Westbury) who recently published “The Aural and Moral Idylls of “Englishness” and Folk Music” in Symbolic Interaction“, has reviewed three books for our journal, “Sounding out Music and Health: Transforming Selfhood and Social Life through Musicking”:

Music Asylums: Wellbeing Through Music in Everyday Life. By Tia DeNora (Routledge, 2016)

How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life.  By Gary Ansdell (Routledge, 2016)

Musical Pathways inRecovery: Community Music Therapy and Mental Wellbeing. By Gary Ansdell and Tia DeNora, with Sarah Wilson (Routledge, 2016)

Blackstone writes that the “arc of the trilogy reinforces the notion that music may lead to momentous change—not necessarily in some mystical fashion, but rather in the here-and-now of lived experience”, and then asks “how does music lend itself to transformative moments, not only in a therapeutic environment, but also in everyday life?”. Whilst the three books do not take an explicitly interactionist perspective Blackstone manages to show not only how their overarching themes relate to (symbolic) interactionism, but also to argue that an “immersion into an ecological approach toward health and wellness provides a broader analytical palette to evaluate the interrelationship between the construction of individual selves and social life.”

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Out Now: J Sumerau’s review of Jooyoung Lee’s “Blowin’ Up: Rap Dreams in South Central” #sssi #ethnography

We have just published J Sumerau’s review of Jooyoung Lee’s book “Blowin’ Up: Rap Dreams in South Central”. Sumerau who has written a number of reviews and articles for our journal says that “with this book Lee both offers a rich, ethnographic portrait of a fascinating case at the intersection of music, race/class/gender, and emerging adulthood. At the same time, though, he also utilizes this case to outline two concepts that may be incredibly useful for researchers in the ongoing pursuit of greater understanding of the actions, beliefs, feelings, and experiences of people from varied marginalized  backgrounds and social locations.”

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