New Article on Early View: ““Oh, My God, I Hate You:” The Felt Experience of Being Othered for Being Thin” #sssi #body

“’Oh, My God, I Hate You:’ The Felt Experience of Being Othered for Being Thin”

James K. Beggan* and Mattie DeAngelis


It is universally held among researchers and social critics that a thin ideal dominates current cultural conceptions of what is attractive, especially for women. Using interviews with eighteen women and men, this paper investigates an apparent paradox: how thin people negotiate a landscape where the attention they receive because of their thinness distresses them. Results indicate that thin people are often the target of unwanted comments about their size, comments produce an unpleasant state of self-consciousness, and the expectation of unwanted social interaction will motivate thin individuals to avoid certain social situations. Results are interpreted in terms of thinness being a hypervisible condition that produces a breakdown of norms regarding civil inattention toward thinness and produces the experience of being othered by social perceivers.

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SSSI Music Blog has sprung to life! #sssi #sociology

The SSSI Music blog has sprung to life! Jason Sumerau has taken on the blog and will post there on a regular basis from now. Please do send him contributions and comment on the post there. Thanks, Jason, for taking on this job.

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Editor’s Choice: John Johnson on Jack Douglas’ #sssi #emca #phenomenology

Many SSSI members and scholars in symbolic interactionism as well as sociologists with an interest in ethnomethodology, phenomenology, existential sociology know Jack Douglas and his contribution. But even those more experienced interactionists might not be aware of the amount and breadth of publications that Jack Douglas has contributed to our field of studies.


John Johnson who studied with Douglas in San Diego kindly wrote a review of this great sociologists’ work and contributions that hopefully will invigorate younger interactionists to become curious about Jack Douglas and his studies. John Johnson’s paper now is on Early View of Symbolic Interaction.

A large amount of Jack Douglas’ papers can be found here.

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Review of M.-J. Deegan’s book on Annie Marion MacLean by Raffaele Rauty #sssi #book review

There always has been great interest in the history of Symbolic Interactionism. This is reflected in the reception Mary-Jo Deegan’s books have received over the years. Professor Deegan recently published a volume on “Annie Marion MacLean and the Chicago School Sociology“.

Raffaele Rauty (University of Salerno, Italy) whose review of the book has just been published on Early View of Symbolic Interaction describes Deegan’s book as “a complete, innovative, very detailed, amazing book-length study of Annie Marion MacLean, “a vigorous, and creative exponent of the forceful, founding spirit of Chicago sociologists”.

Rauty review

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Review of Alice Goffman’s ‘On the Run’ by Jacob Avery on Early View

Lots has been written about Alice Goffman’s “On the Run“. From the New York Times to the LA Review of Books, NPR, Slate and many other publications in different ways have found the publication of Goffman’s ethnography of a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Philadelphia noteworthy.

Avery on Goffman

Jacob Avery (UC Irvine) provides a new view on Alice Goffman’s wonderful book and predicts “[F]orty years from now, I predict that students of society read On the Run and ask, “What has changed?””. The review has just been published on Early View.

On her website Alice Goffman has collected links to other reviews, comments etc.

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Now on Early View: Review of Kotarba’s Baby Boomer Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans #sssi #music #sociology #bookreview

Gretchen Larsen’s (University of Durham, UK) review of Joe Kotarba’s “Baby Boomer Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans: The Music Never Ends” has just been published on Early View. Larsen’s focuses her review on the question that is central to Kotarba’s book “why have so many adults not outgrown rock ‘n’ roll?”.


The answer Kotarba gives – according to Larsen  relates to the ways in which ageing Americans use Rock ‘n’ Roll music to make sense of themselves and their lives.

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More on tourism and travelling – J.J. (‘Hans’) Bakker’s Review of Arthur Asa Berger’s Bali Tourism #sssi

We stick with the topic of tourism and travelling. Arthur Asa Berger who is well known for his pioneering work on popular culture in the 1960s and 1970s has written a series of short quasi-ethnographic books based on his travels on cruise liners or to countries like Japan or most recently Bali. Hans Bakker highlights the provocative arguments Berger makes about Bali culture and the readability of the book.


The review that now has been published on Early View has been written by J.J. ‘Hans’ Bakker who frequently travels to Bali and knows the cultural events and symbols discussed by Berger very well.

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