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after Friday’s list of websites etc. for the Society, here now the list for online sites of the journal.

Symbolic Interaction at Wiley

Symbolic Interaction Early View at Wiley

Symbolic Interaction Journal blog

Symbolic Interaction YouTube Channel

(this is where video abstracts are first posted and where we occasionally post interviews and other material)



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Free Access to Symbolic Interaction Special Issue on Erving Goffman #sssi #sociology

In February 2014, Symbolic Interaction published a Special Issue on Erving Goffman. As students return and everybody is getting ready for the new academic year the Special Issue might offer some good reading material, not only for sociology professors. The Special Issue is available for Free. Access the issue by clicking on the image of the Table of Content below.


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New Editor of Symbolic Interaction from 2017: Scott Harris (St Louis University) #sssi #sociology

The term of the current editorial team of Symbolic Interaction will come to end by the end of 2016. The new Editor of the journal will be Scott Harris (St Louis University). More information about the change of editorship will follow later in the year.

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Shyness and Interactionism #sssi #sociology #museums #shyness

On its website the BBC discusses Joe Moran’s latest book “Shrinking Violets” in which the cultural historian explores shyness in politics, literature and psychology. The discussion neatly dovetails with Susie Scott and colleague’s article “Goffman in the Gallery: Interactive Art and Visitor Shyness”, Symbolic Interaction Vol.36(4), 417-438. Scott together with her co-authors Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Vuokko Härmä and Karl Broome use Goffman’s dramaturgical perspective to explore the situational shyness that can be observed in interactive galleries. For access to the article click on the image below.


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A. Carlin & N.K. Jenkings editors of ‘Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis’ series #sssi #emca #sociology

For those interested in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis it might be of interest that Andrew Carlin and Neil K. Jenkings are the ‘new’ co-editors of ‘Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis’ series that used to be published by Ashgate and now is published by Routledge. In the past Symbolic Interaction has published reviews of books published in the series and we will continue to do so in the future.

Andrew Carlin who has been a co-editor of the series together with Dave Francis in the past, has just given an interview on the ‘mission’ for the series in the journal Research on Language and Social Interaction. To read the interview, please click HERE.

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Why not Join SSSI? #sociology #sssi

Why not join SSSI? Membership starts at $30 annually. That’s a bargain. You get access to our journal ‘Symbolic Interaction’ and become part of a network of the most friendly and helpful academic colleagues you can imagine. To join, please follow this link –

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Review of Nigel Dodd’s “The Social Life of Money

Although we are several decades into the development of the new economic sociology there still is relatively little sociological interest in “money”. Most authors refer to Georg Simmel’s “Philosophy of money” that despite having been written more than 100 years ago is still most relevant. As recent debates about Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have shown, money and its social uses have dramatically changed over the past few decades. Nigel Dodd has written an excellent book on The Social Life of Money that now has been reviewed in Symbolic Interaction by Tamara d’Auvergne. To access her review please click on the picture below.


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