Janelle Lynn Wilson on ‘Nostalgia’ #sssi #sociology #authenticity

The growth in photo taking and videoing on a wide range mobile as well as the return of bands popular in the 1980s ad 1990s we are also seeing a revival of discussions about “nostalgia” and “authenticity”. Symbolic Interaction has just published a meta-analysis of discussions about ‘nostalgia’ by Janelle Lynn Wilson. SSSI Members and journal subscribers can accessed Janelle’s article by clicking below.


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Rescuing Interactionism by Paul Atkinson #sssi #sociology

Before you all head out for the weekend, sit back and read Paul Atkinson’s short paper “Rescuing Interactionism from Qualitative Research“. As a taster I give you a short quote: “they [interactionists] have for an equally long time known that the unit of analysis is not the person, but the encounter, the situation, the institution, the daily round, the ceremonial form, the conventions of interaction”.




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Just published on Early View “Interpretive Asymmetry, Retrospective Inquiry and the Explication of Action in an Incident of Friendly Fire”

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction - Blog:

“Interpretive Asymmetry, Retrospective Inquiry and the Explication of Action in an Incident of Friendly Fire” now has a video abstract #sssi #emca

Originally posted on Symbolic Interaction (Journal) Blog:

Michael Mair and colleagues’ offer a detailed analysis of a video clip that exhibits the interaction between pilots during who during the Iraq war became engaged in a friendly fire incident. The video that was publicized in the news media and on various newspapers’ websites also was at the center of a military inquiry. The authors’ analysis explicates how the video involves interpretive difficulties that render it problematic to use as evidence in the inquiry. From the analysis the authors derive some interesting insights about military practice and the role of friendly fire within it.


The paper that has just been published on Early View is accompanied by an excellent video abstract.

View original

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CfP – Special Issue on ‘Public Sociology

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on Public Sociology

Guest Editor: Christopher J. Schneider

In 2004 Michael Burawoy delivered his now widely cited and much discussed presidential address “For Public Sociology” to the American Sociological Association. Burawoy argued that public sociology deserves a legitimate place along other forms of sociological practice. While versions of “public sociology” have existed since the beginning of the discipline, various scholars including Herbert Gans (who coined “public sociology”) have credited Burawoy’s address for igniting the current debates over the issue in the discipline of sociology.

Since Burawoy’s address more than 100 papers on public sociology have been authored by sociologists around the world. Numerous books and special edition journals have also been dedicated to the topic. Given the explosion of literature on public sociology in the last decade alone, symbolic interactionists, with a few exceptions, have had little to say about the topic. This literature, while limited, nevertheless, indicates that interactionsists have much to offer to the debate. In addition, public sociology has the potential to reinvigorate interactionist research.

This special issue seeks papers that explore the theme of public sociology and symbolic interactionism. A few examples of paper topics may include:

• The historical legacy of public sociology in the interactionist tradition

• How a more public orientation might inspire novel approaches to interactionist research

• Arguing for or against public sociology from an interactionist perspective

• Reflecting on past and/or present interactionist work as models for public sociology

• Considering how to better foster community and organizational partnerships, and pursue funding

• Exploring ways to best disseminate interactionist work to public audiences

• Asking whether and how symbolic interactionism might help to solve social problems, advocate for specific groups, and press for political, social, and policy changes

Papers should follow the usual authors’ guidance for Symbolic Interaction and be submitted through http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/si no later than 31 December 2015. Please indicate in the cover letter that the paper is intended for the special issue. It is expected that this issue will appear in February 2017 but papers will be published on Early View as they complete the review process during 2016. Informal inquiries about the fit of a proposed paper with the special issue may be made to Christopher J. Schneider at schneiderc@brandonu.ca

PDF of CfP: Download by clicking SI CFP

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Minutes – Business Meeting SSSI 2015 – #sssi #sociology #organization

The SSSI 2015 Business Meeting was held at the Public Hotel in Chicago on August 22, 2015. The Minutes of the meeting are online on our website.

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August issue of Symbolic Interaction out! #sssi #sociology #interactionism

Symbolic Interaction, Vol.38 (3), the August issue of our journal has recently been published. If you are a subscriber of the journal you can access it here:


To join the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction and subscribe to the journal click here.

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Carolyn Ellis’ Documentary “Behind the Wall” on SSSI YouTube Channel #sssi #sociology

This is not directly  related to our journal but you might be interested anyway.

Carolyn Ellis’ film ‘Behind the Wall’ now is on our YouTube Channel – http://youtu.be/w9es0TQkj8s

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