Now on Early View: Review of Kotarba’s Baby Boomer Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans #sssi #music #sociology #bookreview

Gretchen Larsen’s (University of Durham, UK) review of Joe Kotarba’s “Baby Boomer Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans: The Music Never Ends” has just been published on Early View. Larsen’s focuses her review on the question that is central to Kotarba’s book “why have so many adults not outgrown rock ‘n’ roll?”.


The answer Kotarba gives – according to Larsen  relates to the ways in which ageing Americans use Rock ‘n’ Roll music to make sense of themselves and their lives.

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More on tourism and travelling – J.J. (‘Hans’) Bakker’s Review of Arthur Asa Berger’s Bali Tourism #sssi

We stick with the topic of tourism and travelling. Arthur Asa Berger who is well known for his pioneering work on popular culture in the 1960s and 1970s has written a series of short quasi-ethnographic books based on his travels on cruise liners or to countries like Japan or most recently Bali. Hans Bakker highlights the provocative arguments Berger makes about Bali culture and the readability of the book.


The review that now has been published on Early View has been written by J.J. ‘Hans’ Bakker who frequently travels to Bali and knows the cultural events and symbols discussed by Berger very well.

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Looking for Reviewer: “The Death and Resurrection of Deviance” #sssi #sociology #soziologie #deviance

I am looking for a reviewer for “The Death and Resurrection of Deviance. Current Ideas and Research” edited by Michael Dellwing, Joseph P. Kotarba and Nathan W. Pino. Click on the cover below for more information about the book;


or click here.

If yo are interest please send an email to

Thank you.

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Making Time #sssi #time #sociology

On the opinion pages of the New York Times Anna North recently wrote about techniques people use to make time, in particular in situations when people face conflicting goals and interests. Her discussion of academic research that uses experiments with people in situation when their goals are put into conflict arrives at similar conclusions as Michael Flaherty in his book “The Textures of Time” that was reviewed in Symbolic Interaction by Michael Spivey in 2012 (Vol 35 (3)).

A review of a related book Ethnographies of Youth and Temporality: Time Objectified by Anne Line Dalsgaard and colleagues (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2014) will be published in Symbolic Interaction shortly.

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Troubled by travel experiences? Read Ginna Hustings “The Flayed and Exquisite Self of Travelers” #sssi #sociology

When travelling across linguistic and cultural boundaries we often encounter challenging situations that require us to negotiate “new milieux”. These situations threaten our identity and sense of self. Ginna Hustings, in her article “The Flayed and Exquisite Self of Travelers: Managing Face and Emotions in Strange Places” that has just been published on Early View,


explores how travelers “develop an interim or interstitial identity, a flayed, exquisite self characterized by discomfort and ongoing emotion/identity work”. In her analysis Hustings elaborates four strategies that help them to deal with the tensions arising from these situations.

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On Early View: “Identity Dilemmas: Toward a More Situated Understanding” by Jennifer Leigh Dunn and S.J. Creek #sssi #sociology #identity

In Symbolic Interaction there is a long-standing interest in “identity dilemmas”, i.e. when people experience “conflicting sets of normative expectations, and by the holding of “contradictory” identities”. In their article “Identity Dilemmas: Toward a More Situated Understanding” Jennifer Leigh Dunn and S.J. Creek argue that identity dilemmas arise as “the product of generic social processes inherent in systems of stratification, including normative systems”.


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New on Early View: Bryce Merrill’s review of Aldrege’s “Singer-Songwriters and Musical Open-Mics” #sssi #music

Open-Mic nights have become again popular evening activity in many cities all over the world. Marcus Aldredge has written “a vivid and empathetic depiction of the social life of open mics”, argues Bruce Merrill in his review “Recommended if You Like: Scenes, Maker Culture, and Music Sociology” just published on Early View.


Merrill particularly praises that Aldredge manages to link his analysis to developments in contemporary culture, such as the “maker culture”. He recommends the book not only to interactionists but in particular also for “teaching cultural sociology, urban studies, and even urban planning or arts administration”.

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