Minutes – Business Meeting SSSI 2015 – #sssi #sociology #organization

The SSSI 2015 Business Meeting was held at the Public Hotel in Chicago on August 22, 2015. The Minutes of the meeting are online on our website.

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August issue of Symbolic Interaction out! #sssi #sociology #interactionism

Symbolic Interaction, Vol.38 (3), the August issue of our journal has recently been published. If you are a subscriber of the journal you can access it here:


To join the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction and subscribe to the journal click here.

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Carolyn Ellis’ Documentary “Behind the Wall” on SSSI YouTube Channel #sssi #sociology

This is not directly  related to our journal but you might be interested anyway.

Carolyn Ellis’ film ‘Behind the Wall’ now is on our YouTube Channel – http://youtu.be/w9es0TQkj8s

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Virtual Issue of Symbolic Interaction: The European Contribution to Symbolic Interactionism #sssi #sociology

While the European SSSI Conference is still in progress at the University of Salford in the UK, a Virtual Issue of Symbolic Interaction has been announced.  Edited by Emma Engdahl (University of Gothenburg) and Thaddeus Müller (Lancaster University) the Virtual Issue explores the European Contribution to Symbolic Interactionism. To start the Virtual Issue the editorial has just been published as “Editor’s Choice” on Early View of Symbolic Interaction.

European SI

In their editorial Engdahl and Müller provide an overview of the growing number of articles from European authors in the journal over the past decades and examine the spread of articles across different countries. They also make some suggestions for the reasons for these developments. In a later post on this blog I will link to the articles that Engdahl and Müller selected for the Virtual Issue.


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New on Early View: Review of Ruth Horowitz’s “In the Public Interest” #sssi #sociology #medical

In her book “In the Public Interest” Ruth Horowitz examines how medical licensing and disciplinary boards work in the USA. Based on participant observations as a member of two boards and fieldwork at two other boards Horowitz illuminates how doctors are dealt with whose practices have given the boards reason for concern. Ruth Macdonald reviewed Horowitz’s “wonderful book” and hopes for a wide readership as it is important also for the public to know about the important work of licensing and disciplinary boards that have recently been subject critical attention by the media.


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New on Early View: “Seeing (Transitions to) Adulthood” #sssi #sociology

This journal has a long tradition in publishing articles concerned with life-course development, biography and status passages. Jason Torkelson’s article “Seeing (Transitions to) Adulthood in Youth (Sub)cultural Studies Through the Eyes of Former Straightedge Adherents“. In his paper Torkelson reports his findings from a studies that involved more than 40 interviews with individuals who had previously identified to be part of a particular youth subculture called “straightedge”. He is partiuclarly interested in the interviewees’ transition to adulthood and how their straightedge identity has influenced their development to adulthood.

The article can be downloaded by subscribers by clicking the image below.


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“Talking about Beauty” by Lucia Ruggerone and Neil Jenkings #sssi #sociology #aesthetics

There is a long standing interactionist concern with art and aesthetics. Save for the famous works by Howard Becker, such as “Art Worlds” and his studies of jazz music and musicians there also are a considerable number of articles in our journal that explore people’s accounts of their personal taste, such as Phillip Vannini’s “The Meanings of a Star“. The latter kinds of articles are related to the topic of aesthetics in everyday life that is the topic of the recent posts on the SSSI Music Blog and of Ruggerone and Jenking’s paper “Talking of Beauty” that has just been published on Early View of the Journal. Subscribers can access the article by clicking on the image below.

talking of beauty

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