Review of Czech book on G.H. Mead #sssi #sociology

Recently, a book on George Herbert Mead has been published in the Czech Republic. The book by Roman Madzia who works at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany is titled “George Herbert Mead: t ˇelo,mysl a svˇ et (George Herbert Mead: Body, Mind and World)”. The review by Jiri Subrt has recently been published on Early View. Subscribers can access the review by clicking on the image below.


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New Article on the intersection between G.H. Mead and Cognitive Science #sssi #sociology #neuro

In interactionism, there has been a long-standing interest in the relationship between cognitive processes and the social. This is reflected, for example, in the recent publication of book reviews by Simon Gottschalk on Rose and Abi-Rachette’s “Neuro”, Patrick Watson’s review of Alač’s “Handing Digital Brains” or Andrew Balmer’s review of Pickersgill and van Keulen’s “Sociological Reflections on the Neurosciences”. 

On Early View now there is a new article y Ryan McVeigh who addresses recent developments in the cognitive sciences by linking them back to George Herbert Mead’s work. McVeigh’s article “Basic-Level Categories, Mirror Neurons, and Joint-Attention Schemes: Three Points of Intersection Between G.H. Mead and Cognitive Science” can be downloaded by subscribers by clicking on the image below.


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New book reviews on Early View of #SymbolicInteraction #sssi #sociology

Over the past few days four new book reviews have been published on Early view of Symbolic Interaction.

Marcus Aldrege reviews James M. Thomas’ ‘Working to Laugh’l, an ethnography of stand-up comedy performances.

Jiří Šubrt gives us insight in current discussion on pragmatism and interactionism in Europe and in particular the Czech Republic by reviewing Roman Madzia’s book on George Herbert Mead.

Gregory Matoesian takes a look at Max  Traver’s most recent study of the juvenile justice system.

And as mentioned at an earlier occasion Götz Hoeppe reviews Philippe Sormani’s ‘Respecifying Lab Ethnography’.

Click here to go to the journal.

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Symbolic Interaction Vol.38(4) November Issue 2015 is out #sssi #sociology

The November 2015 issue of Symbolic Interaction is out. It contains Paul Atkinson’s reflections in interactionism, a Special Section on ‘Space and Time’ edited by Peter M. Hall followed by 8 book reviews.

si-journal-book reviews SIjournal-nov-articles

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Revised Copyright Terms for Symbolic Interaction (Wiley) #sssi #sociology

Wiley have changed their copyright terms for Symbolic Interaction. The revised terms are summarised in the table below. It is worthwhile noting that Researchgate and do not fall under the category of ‘not-for-profit’ sites.

 Changes to Standard CTA

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Review of P Sormani’s ‘Respecifying Lab Ethnography’ by Goetz Hoeppe #sssi #sociology #emca

In interactionism as well as in ethnomethodology there has been a long standing concern with and interest in science and technology study. At the recent SSSI Annual Conferences in New York (2013) and Chicago (2015), for example, the Distinguished Lectures were delivered by Joan Fujimura and Diane Vaughn respectively, both scholars who have shaped the field of science and technology studies. In ethnomethodology, of course, Harold Garfinkel and more in particular Michael Lynch have undertaken science studies and ethnomethodological studies of work in laboratories as part of the ‘Studies of Work’ programme (Garfinkel 1986). It is interesting to see how this field of research currently develops with studies of the Mars Rover by Janet Vertesi, a book that will shortly be reviewed in Symbolic Interaction, or Philippe Sormani’s “Respecifying Lab Ethnography” that has just been reviewed by Goetz Hoeppe. Hoeppe’s review can be read here and by clicking on the image below.


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Looking for Book reviewers #sssi @sijournal #sociology

I have a few books that I’d like to have reviewed in the journal over the next few months:

Ira J. Cohen. 2015. Solitary Action on our own in Everyday Life. Oxford/New York: OUP.

Paul Atkinson. 2014. For Ethnography/ London: Sage

Davina Allen. 2015. The Invisible Work of Nurses: Hospitals, Organisation and Healthcare. London and New York: Routledge.

If you would like to review any of these three books or another book that I have not on my list, please do get in touch at



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