Review of Dagmar Danko’s “Zur Aktualität von Howard S. Becker: Einführung in sein Werk” by Andrea Ploder #sssi #sociology

From time to time Symbolic Interaction has books reviewed that have been published i languages other than English. Recently, Dagmar Danko, a sociologist from the University of Freiburg in Germany, published a book to the contemporary relevance of Howard S. Becker. Andrea Ploder’s review of the book highlights that Danko manages to discuss the breadth of Becker’s work that reaches into a wide range of fields. Her review of the book has been published on Early View of the journal. Subscribers can access the review by clicking on the image below.


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The Extension of the Coloniality of Power into Digital Culture by Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott #sssi #sociology #bookreview

A new book review has been published in Symbolic Interaction. Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott discusses Alexander Stingl’s “The Digital Coloniality of Power: Epistemic Disobedience in the Social Sciences and the Legitimacy of the Digital Age“.  The book contributes to a larger programme of research on decoloniality and the social sciences that Stingl describes in some detail on this site. For Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott’s excellent review of the book, please click here.

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New on Early View: “Institutionalizing Public Scholarship” by Jennifer M. Kilty & Charissa Crépault #sociology #sssi

The 2015 Annual SSSI Conference was devoted to “Public Sociology”. In light of our recent interest in this debate Symbolic Interaction has just published Jennifer M. Kilty and Charissa Crépault’s article “Institutionalizing Public Scholarship: Lessons from Feminism and Symbolic Interactionism” on Early View. The authors “reflect on how institutionalizing “scholarship with commitment” might create routine practices and standardized expectations that could discourage organic interactions with various publics.” SSSI Members and Subscribers can access the article please click on the image below.


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Symbolic Interaction Journal Online

Dear Interactionists,

after Friday’s list of websites etc. for the Society, here now the list for online sites of the journal.

Symbolic Interaction at Wiley

Symbolic Interaction Early View at Wiley

Symbolic Interaction Journal blog

Symbolic Interaction YouTube Channel

(this is where video abstracts are first posted and where we occasionally post interviews and other material)



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Free Access to Symbolic Interaction Special Issue on Erving Goffman #sssi #sociology

In February 2014, Symbolic Interaction published a Special Issue on Erving Goffman. As students return and everybody is getting ready for the new academic year the Special Issue might offer some good reading material, not only for sociology professors. The Special Issue is available for Free. Access the issue by clicking on the image of the Table of Content below.


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New Editor of Symbolic Interaction from 2017: Scott Harris (St Louis University) #sssi #sociology

The term of the current editorial team of Symbolic Interaction will come to end by the end of 2016. The new Editor of the journal will be Scott Harris (St Louis University). More information about the change of editorship will follow later in the year.

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Shyness and Interactionism #sssi #sociology #museums #shyness

On its website the BBC discusses Joe Moran’s latest book “Shrinking Violets” in which the cultural historian explores shyness in politics, literature and psychology. The discussion neatly dovetails with Susie Scott and colleague’s article “Goffman in the Gallery: Interactive Art and Visitor Shyness”, Symbolic Interaction Vol.36(4), 417-438. Scott together with her co-authors Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Vuokko Härmä and Karl Broome use Goffman’s dramaturgical perspective to explore the situational shyness that can be observed in interactive galleries. For access to the article click on the image below.


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