New Video Abstract- Staci Newmahr: Eroticism as Embodied Emotion: The Erotics of Renaissance Faire

In her article “Eroticism as Embodied Emotion: The Erotics of Renaissance Faire” Staci Newmahr uses the Renaissance Faire as “a case of an erotic field” to explore erotic experience as a social phenomenon that “is rooted in its social structure and its senses cape, and integrated in the carnal experiences and the embodied actions of Fairegoers”. She links her argument that in our cultures “erotic experience” is often subject to very narrow interpretations because it is linked to the “sexual” to Bauman’s suggestion of a growing separation of the sexual and the erotic, a suggestion that also can be found in Baudrillard and Giddens’ writings.

The paper is accompanied by a video-abstract that can be found here.


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