“Why Would Our Heavenly Father Do that to Anyone” – New Article by J.Edward Sumerau & Ryan T Cragun

Over the past years, there have been growing debates about the discrimination against and oppression of homosexual people. In many countries these debates have led to changes in legislation yet without stopping discussion about the origins and reasons for homosexuality. In many religious and cultural communities in the USA and elsewhere equal treatment of homosexual members of society has not been achieved. Sumerau and Cragun’s article in Symbolic Interaction explores reasons for the persistence of this inequality and oppression of homosexuality, and locate it in the “oppressive othering” by elites. For their research the authors have taken The Church of The Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a case study. The study reveals “(1) how elites, religious, or otherwise, construct sexual classification schemes that facilitate the ongoing subordination of sexual minorities, (2) the importance of taking an intersectional approach to oppressive othering, and (3) the ways elites revise institutional doctrines in response to shifting societal issues and concerns.” The paper now is out on Early View.



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