Symbolic Interaction Vol 42, No. 2 published #sssi #sociology

Symbolic Interaction Vol. 42 No. 2



Learning from the Religious Experiences of Bi+ Trans People

J. E. . Sumerau, Lain A. B. Mathers & Nik Lampe

Pages: 179-201


Displaying Gender: Transgender People’s Strategies in Everyday Life

Ana Cristina Marques

Pages: 202-228


Activating Controlling Images in the Racialized Interaction Order: Black Middle‐Class Interactions and the Creativity of Racist Action


Ali Meghji

Pages: 229-249


Two Faces of Self and Emotion in Symbolic Interactionism: From Process to Structure and Culture—And Back


Linda E. Francis & Richard E. Adams

Pages: 250-277


Finding God in Grain: Crop Circles, Rationality, and the Construction of Spiritual Experience


Marcia J. Ghidina

Pages: 278-300


Manipulation in Board Game Interactions: Being a Sporting Player

Emily Hofstetter & Jessica Robles

Pages: 301-320

A video abstract is available at‐w6FUxw



Sports/Medicine: Partners in Crime?

Gary Alan Fine

Pages: 321-323


Shedding Light on Nightmarish Social Problems

David L. Altheide

Pages: 324-328


Vanishing Act: The Social Costs of Invisible Labor

Martha Copp

Pages: 329-331


Tragedy of a Breakthrough: The Iowa School of Symbolic Interaction in Autobiographical Narratives

Andrea Ploder

Pages: 332-335


(Gay) Sex, Lies, and Videotape: This Ain’t Your Standard Ethnography

Christopher T. Conner

Pages: 336-338


Midcentury America through the Eyes and Ears of Popular Music

Joseph A. Kotarba

Pages: 339-341


Post‐Cognitive Embodied and Artifact Rich Conversational Video Analysis Informed Linguistic Anthropology as Studies of Co‐Operative Action

Neil Jenkings

Pages: 342-345

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The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) is an international professional organization of scholars interested in the study of a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on identity, everyday practice, and language.
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