Popular Papers in Symbolic Interaction #sssi #sociology #top20article @sijournal

  1. Doing Gender Beyond the Binary: A Virtual Ethnography
  2. Just the “Typical College Diet-: How College Students Use Life Stages to Account for Unhealthy Eating
  3. Bathrooms, Boundaries, and Emotional Burdens: Cisgendering Interactions Through the Interpretation of Transgender Experience
  4. Stigmatized Identities: Too Muslim to Be American, Too American to Be Muslim
  5. Playing the Interrogation Game: Rapport, Coercion, and Confessions in Police Interrogations
  6. Looking Forward, Looking Back: Collective Memory and Neighborhood Identity in Two Urban Parks
  7. Agency-Without-Choice: The Visual Rhetorics of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Promotion
  8. Advancing the Sociology of Empathy: A Proposal
  9. Racial Authenticity and Familial Acceptance Among Transracial Adoptees: A Bothersome Bargain of Belonging
  10. Parenting, Uncertainty, and Expert Advice: How Privileged American Families Work with Private Counselors in Their Children’s College Race
  11. Ethnography and Industry: A Reflection on a Coming of Age
  12. “Oh My God, I Sound Like a Horrible Person”: Generic Processes in the Conditional Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity
  13. Audience Design and Context Discrepancy: How Online Debates Lead to Opinion Polarization
  14. Embodied versus Disembodied Information: How Online Artifacts Influence Offline Interpersonal Interactions
  15. Identity Work, Techniques of Neutralization, and Deviance: Exploring the Relationship Among Older Adult Gamblers
  16. The Importance of “Empty Gestures- in Recovery: Being Human Together
  17. Deservingness, Deadbeat Dads, and Responsible Fatherhood: Child Support Policy and Rhetorical Conceptualizations of Poverty, Welfare, and the Family
  18. Escort Clients’ Sexual Scripts and Constructions of Intimacy in Commodified Sexual Relationships
  19. Crisis Rhetoric, Stigma Play: The Contested Status of Humanities Majors on an Elite University Campus
  20. “Basically it’s the Usual Whole Teen Girl Thing”: Stage-of-Life Categories on a Children and Young People’s Helpline
  21. Scared to Death: Reflections on Panic and Anxiety in the Field
  22. Helpers “Here on the Front Lines-: Welfare-to-Work Managers’ Moral Identity Work
  23. Classic Grounded Theory-The Latest Version: Interpretation of Classic Grounded Theory as a Meta-Theory for Research
  24. Making Sense of Everyday Life and Politics Through Social Media
  25. Social Media and Media Logics Shape Policing in the Digital Age

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The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) is an international professional organization of scholars interested in the study of a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on identity, everyday practice, and language.
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