New Issue! Symbolic Interaction Vol.43(3) cc @sociologlens #sssi #emca

Symbolic Interaction

Vol.43 No. 3

Table of Contents


Outspoken Objects and Unspoken Myths: The Semiotics of Object‐Mediated Communication

Stephanie Peña‐Alves

Pages: 385-404


Distributed Selves: Shifting Inequities of Impression Management in Couples Living with Dementia

James Rupert Fletcher

Pages: 405-427


The Everyday Drama of Coproduction in Community Mental Health Services: Analyzing Welfare Workers’ Performance as the “Undercover Agent”

Sine Kirkegaard

Pages: 428-451

Surgical Identity Play: The Anatomy Lab Revisited

Alexandra H. Vinson

Pages: 452-471

Doing Fatherhood Online: Men’s Parental Identities, Experiences, and Ideologies on Social Media

Casey Scheibling

Pages: 472-492

The Body in Mind: Mead’s Embodied Cognition

Ryan McVeigh

Pages: 493-513


Free Access

Pandemic in the Time of Trump: Digital Media Logic and Deadly Politics

David L. Altheide

Pages: 514-540

Free Access

Middle‐Range Future Claims: Constructing the Near‐Future Consequences of COVID‐19

Joel Best

Pages: 541-556


Hurting Oneself to Maintain  the Interaction Order

Lindsey M. Ibañez

Pages: 557-559

Highlighting Male Rape: Researching Sensitive, Stigmatized, and Taboo Topics

Ben Colliver

Pages: 560-562

Lesson Plans for Future Research on Professional Socialization

Alexandra H. Vinson

Pages: 563-565

Old Jobs, New Vibes: How Distilling, Bartending, Barbering, and Butchering Became Cool

Erik T. Withers

Pages: 566-568


A Battle of the Ages

Clayton Childress

Pages: 569-571

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The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) is an international professional organization of scholars interested in the study of a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on identity, everyday practice, and language.
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