New Issue out: Symbolic Interaction (@sijournal), vol. 44/3 #sssi #sociology @sociologylens


“It’s Not a Pattern of Behavior”: Proxy Deflection of Eviction Stigma by Community Care Providers

Garrett L. Grainger

  • Pages: 479-503
  • PDF

Performance of Agency in Real-Life Encounters: Turning Unequal Power and Structural Constraint into Collaboration

Nanna Mik-MeyerMark Haugaard

  • Pages: 504-532
  • PDF

Atrocity Stories and Access to Elite Universities: Chickens at the Station

Sam HillyardJonathan TummonsMadeleine Winnard

  • Pages: 533-554
  • PDF

Negotiating Medical Authority: Shared Decision-Making in the ICU

Jason Rodriquez

  • Pages: 555-575
  • PDF

The Feeling of Enlightenment: Managing Emotions through Yoga and Prayer

Erin F. Johnston

  • Pages: 576-602
  • PDF

Making Time: Pausing to Coordinate Video Instructions and Practical Tasks

Sylvaine TuncerOskar LindwallBarry Brown

  • Pages: 603-631


Kathy Charmaz: Theory, Method, and Scholarly Identity

Jacqueline LowCaitlin Hyslop-Margison

  • Pages: 632-664
  • PDF


Turtles All the Way, Up and Down: A Symbolic Interactionist’s Interpretation of How Microsocial Processes Inform Macrosocial Phenomena and Back

Robert Wade Kenny

  • Pages: 665-674
  • PDF


Uncovering the Hidden (Yet Not So Hidden) Elements of Everyday Racism

Celeste Vaughan Curington

  • Pages: 675-678

Thorstein Veblen Goes to the Charreada (Mexican Rodeo)

Marie Sarita Gaytán

  • Pages: 679-681
  • PDF

Why Economic Management Models Do Not Foster Morals

Jonas Bååth

  • Pages: 682-684
  • PDF

Garfinkel at War: The Gulfport Field Study and Ethnomethodology

K. Neil Jenkings

  • Pages: 685-688
  • PDF

Manipulating Time Experience

Filip Vostal

  • Pages: 689-692
  • PDF

Always between Two Worlds: The Liminal Lives of Religious Exiters

David M. Merolla

  • Pages: 693-695
  • PDF

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The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) is an international professional organization of scholars interested in the study of a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on identity, everyday practice, and language.
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