Symbolic Interaction Vol.4(4) is out! #sssi #journal #sociology #TOC


The Art of the Spiel: Analyzing Donald Trump’s Tweets as Gonzo Storytelling

Brian MonahanR. J. Maratea

  • Pages: 699-727

“Meet Them Where They Are”: Attentional Processes in Social Movement Listening

J. L. Johnson

  • Pages: 728-747

“Only Going to Get Worse”: Narrative Magnifications and Emotion Work among Rural Frontline Responders in the Opioid Epidemic

Christian VaccaroMelissa SwaugerAshley NiccolaiShayna MorrisonAlex HeckertVictor GarciaErick Lauber

  • Pages: 748-770

An Online Acquaintance Community: The Emergence of Chinese Virtual Civility

Xiaoli TianYanan Guo

  • Pages: 771-797

All the World’s a Con: Frontstage, Backstage, and the Blurred Boundaries of Cosplay

Erynn Masi de CasanovaJeremy Brenner-LevoyCole Weirich

  • Pages: 798-818

Repetition Acknowledgment Prefaces

David R. Gibson

  • Pages: 819-842


How Conventional Places Breed Unconventional Ideology: Space, Place, and the Expansion of Far-Right Radicalization

Kelsey C. Boismier

  • Pages: 843-846

Forgotten but Not Gone: A Reintroduction to the Neglected Social Theorists

Leonard A. Steverson

  • Pages: 847-849

Locating Digital Urban Ethnography

Tilo GrenzMaria Schlechter

  • Pages: 850-854

Never Merely a Peg: The Body in Symbolic Interaction

Ryan McVeigh

  • Pages: 855-857

Emotional Order in the Court! Defense Attorneys and Emotional Labor

Leonard A. Steverson

  • Pages: 858-860 

The Need for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Criminal (in)Justice

Anthony James Williams

  • Pages: 861-864

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The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) is an international professional organization of scholars interested in the study of a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on identity, everyday practice, and language.
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