New Book Review: Jamie L. Mullaney discusses “The Cage of Days” by K.C. Carceral and Michael G. Flaherty #sssi #sociology #time @sociologylens @ei_schwartz

We have just published Jamie L. Mullaney’s review of K.C. Carceral and Michael G. Flaherty’s book “The Cage of Days. Time and Temporal Experience in Prison.” In their book “the authors bring attention to the specific experience of how prisoners “serve time” and ask, “What happens to people when they lose control of time? How does prison shape the time reckoning of inmates?”. In her review, Jamie L. Mullaney provides a detail, critical analysis of Carceral and Flaherty’s book.

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Other Publications by Jamie L. Mullaney in Symbolic Interaction

Mullaney, J.L. 2015. Opening our Eyes to Sex Perception (Review of Asia Friedman’s “Blindness to Sameness: Sexpectations and the Social Construction of Male and Female Bodies”). Symbolic Interaction Vol. 38, 2: 315-317.

Mullaney, J.L. 2020. A Year Then Forever: Personal Resolution Making and the Temporal Bridge of the Near Future. Symbolic Interaction Vol. 43, 2: 332-355

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