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The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) is an international professional organization of scholars interested in the study of a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on identity, everyday practice, and language.

New Article: “They Told Me My Name: Developing a Deaf Identity” by Laura Mauldin and Tara Fannon #sssi #sociology #deaf #identity

In their article “The told me my name: developing a deaf identity” Laura Mauldin and Tara Fannon analyze qualitative data collected through narrative interviews with five Deaf, gay and lesbian individuals with different racial backgrounds and find that deaf people’s … Continue reading

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Review of Donileen R. Loseke’s “Narrative Production of Meanings” by Christian Vaccaro #sssi #sociology #narrative

We have just published Christian Vaccaro’s (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) review of Donileen R. Loseke’s book entitled “Narrative Production of Meanings: Exploring the Work of Stories in Social Life”. SSSI Members can download the review by clicking the image below … Continue reading

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New Review: James Fletcher reviews Baptiste Brossard’s book “Forgetting Items” #sssi #sociology #alzheimers #dementia #health #illness

In a recent article in Symbolic Interaction James Fletcher explored impression management in couples living with dementia. In his paper Fletcher argued that “[s]ymbolic interactionism has unique potential to inform understandings of dementia, because the advent of progressive cognitive impairment in older people typically … Continue reading

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New Book Review out: Michael Dellwing on “Updating Charles Horton Cooley” edited by N. Ruiz-Junco and B. Brossard #sssi #Cooley #sociology

Charles Horton Cooley is one of the key figures within sociology and symbolic interactionism. Yet, despite the importance of Cooley’s work a (re-)appreciation of his work and its relevant to current debate has been long overdue. Natalia Ruiz-Junco and Baptiste … Continue reading

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New Article: “The Everyday Drama of Coproduction in Community Mental Health Services” by Sine Kirkegaard #sssi #sociology #healthservices #welfareby

Current welfare policy encourages “coproduction” between citizens and welfare workers so that “lay expertise” effectively becomes part of the provision of services. Drawing on fieldwork from Danish mental health services, this article analyzes how expertise and authority are organized and … Continue reading

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New Article: “Orchestrating Multi‐sensoriality in Tasting Sessions: Sensing Bodies, Normativity, and Language” by Lorena Mondada #sssi #sociology #interaction #senses

In light of the burgeoning interest in the sociology of the senses symbolic interactionist also have shown a growing concern with studies of how the senses feature in people’s social life. Relatively few studies however explore how the senses, sense … Continue reading

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Introduction to Special Issue on “Stigma” #sssi #goffman #sociology

In 2018, Thaddaeus Mueller organized the Couch-Stone Symposium/European SSSI Conference at Lancaster University. The title of the conference was “‘Whose Side Are We On?’ Power, Stigma, Transgression, and Exclusion in Everyday Life”. Based on contribution to the conference Thaddaeus Mueller … Continue reading

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