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Book Review out! ‘The Future as Sociological Problem’ by Robert Dingwall #sssi #sociology

We have just published Robert Dingwall’s review of Jens Beckert’s book “Imagines Futures. Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics”. Dingwall writes that “the book has many virtues in the breadth of the literature it embraces—from Simmel and Weber to contemporary empirical … Continue reading

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New Book Review out! Paul Atkinson on S. Lubet’s ‘Interrogating Ethnography’ #sssi #sociology #ethnography

There has been plenty of discussion about Alice Goffman’s ‘On the Run’ and the subsequent publications of Steven Lubet’s critique of Goffman’s ethnography and ethnography and ethnographic practice more generally. Earlier this year, Lubet published his understanding of ethnography that … Continue reading

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New book review out! “Tragedy of a Breakthrough: The Iowa School of Symbolic Interaction in Autobiographical Narratives” by Andrea Ploder

In today’s interactionist research the important work conducted by ‘The Iowa School’ is often forgotten. A few years ago, the late Dan Miller wrote an excellent overview about the motivation of scholars like Carl Couch in conducting highly innovative work … Continue reading

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New Book Review Out: R.J. Smith on David Calvey’s book on “Covert Research” #sssi #sociology #methods cc @sociologylens

Parallel to the discussions on research ethics sociologists further develop their research methods. With “Covert Research” David Calvey has published a book that explores how researchers can maintain their commitment to research ethics while conducting research without revealing their identity … Continue reading

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Dagmar Danko’s Review of H.S. Becker’s ‘Evidence’ #sssi #sociology

In recent years there has been plenty of debate about evidence in ethnographic and cognate research. Howard S. Becker has taken up this topic in his latest book that Dagmar Danko reviewed for Symbolic Interaction. SSSI members can download the review … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction – New Issue Out! #sssi #sociology

Symbolic Interaction Vol. 41 No. 2 (2018)   Articles Cooperative Accounts: Avoiding Conflict and Repairing Social Relations Stephen C. Poulson, Timothy J. Carter & Daniel M. Crowley Pages: 143-164 Catching Babies in Prohibition States: Midwives’ Accounts for an Illegal Profession Alicia … Continue reading

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Review Essay on Grounded Theory by Krzysztof T. Konecki #sssi #methods #sociology

We have recently published Krysztof T. Konecki’s Review Essay “Classic Grounded Theory—The Latest Version: Interpretation of Classic Grounded Theory as a Meta-Theory for Research”. In his essay Konecki critically examines Holton and Walsh’s (2017) book “Classic Grounded Theory: Applications with Qualitative … Continue reading

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