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New Book Review on Early View – Christopher T. Conner on J. Sumerau’s social fiction ‘Cigarettes & Wine’ #sssi #sociology

We have just published Christopher T. Conner’s review of J. Sumerau’s ‘Cigarettes & Wine’. J. who also is the editor of the SSSI music Blog has published ‘Cigarettes & Wine’ as a piece of social fiction that “blurs the lines between … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘War and Conflict Commemoration” by Neil Jenkings #sssi #sociology #war #conflict

We have just published Neil Jenking’s review of two books: Memory, Place and Identity: Commemoration and Remembrance of War and Conflict. Edited by Danielle Drozdzewski, Sarah Di Nardi, and Emma. Waterton. Abingdon, Oxon. 2016. Remembering the Falklands War. By Sarah Maltby. London: … Continue reading

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Book Review by Alexander I. Stingl – The Sociology of Speed #sssi #bookreview

The sociology of speed is one of the hot topics in our discipline these days. It’s been discussed in academic journals as well as in the press. Alexander I. Stingl has just reviewed a volume on The Sociology of Speed … Continue reading

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Books for review #sssi #sociology #economic-sociology

I have received a couple of very interesting books that I would like to have reviewed in Symbolic Interaction. If you are interested in reviewing one of these books please contact me at Money Talks: Explaining How Money Really … Continue reading

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New Book Review: David Altheide on Couldry/Hepp “The Mediated Construction of Reality” #sssi #sociology #media

Interactionists have always been interested in communication and the media. One of the scholars who have been at the forefront of interactionist research on the media over the past few decades has been David Altheide as his many articles in … Continue reading

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New Book Review on Early View: David R. Gibson on Ira J. Cohen’s ‘Solitary Action’ #sssi #sociology

We have just published David R. Gibson’s review of Ira J. Cohen’s book “Solitary Action”. Members of SSSI can access the review by clicking on the image below. To join SSSI and subscribe to Symbolic Interaction from $31 (£23) please click … Continue reading

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New Book Review on Early View: R. Fitzgerald on Stephen Hester’s “Descriptions of Deviance” #sssi #emca #sociology

We have just published a new book review on Early View. Richard Fitzgerald (University of Macau) discusses “Descriptions of Deviance: A Study in Membership Categorization Analysis By Stephen Hester edited by Peter Eglin and Dave Francis. The book is available online … Continue reading

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