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Dawn Norris’s Review of “Management Motifs by Scott Grills and Robert Prus” #sssi #organization #management

In their latest book entitled ‘Management Motifs: An Interactionist Approach for the Study of Organizational Interchange”, Scott Grills and Robert Prus make an important contribution to management and organizational research in symbolic interaction. With their book they address the long … Continue reading

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“‘Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy’ by Richard E. Ocejo'” reviewed by Erik T. Withers #sssi #sociology #bookreview

Richard E. Ocejo‘s book “Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy” that won the 2019 Max Weber Book Award of the ASA Section ‘Organizations, Occupations and Work’ has been reviewed for Symbolic Interaction by Erik T. Withers. The … Continue reading

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New Book Review: J. E. Melvin discusses Smith’s and Delamont’s “Lost Ethnographies” #sssi #ethnography #sociology

Have you ever begun an ethnographic project but then for whatever reason the work was abandoned? Robin James Smith and Sara Delamont have edited a book on such lost ethnographies that Jennifer E. Melvin reviewed for Symbolic Interaction. SSSI Members … Continue reading

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New Book Review out! “Signing the Drama of Dialogue” by Robert Wade Kenny – review of “The Rhetoric of Signs” By Robert Perinbanayagam #sssi #sociology

We have just published Robert Wade Kenny’s review of Robert Perinbanayagam’s book “The Rhetoric of Signs” in our journal. Professor Kenny has written an extended version of that review that we publish below. SSSI Members can download the original review … Continue reading

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Popular Papers in Symbolic Interaction #sssi #sociology #top20article @sijournal

Doing Gender Beyond the Binary: A Virtual Ethnography Just the “Typical College Diet-: How College Students Use Life Stages to Account for Unhealthy Eating Bathrooms, Boundaries, and Emotional Burdens: Cisgendering Interactions Through the Interpretation of Transgender Experience Stigmatized Identities: Too … Continue reading

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Review of Gary Alan Fine’s ‘Talking Art’ published #sssi #sociology #art

We have just published Amanda Koontz review of Gary Alan Fine’s book “Talking Art: The Culture of Practice and the Practice of Culture in MFA Education”. Professor Koontz writes that “Talking Art offers interesting insight into the tensions that derive … Continue reading

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Andrew P. Carlin’s review of “Bringing War to Book” by R. Woodward and Neil. K. Jenkings #sssi #military #sociology

Andrew P. Carlin writes that “The business of sociologists is reading books about books—internal debates on the value of this or that theory, ad infinitum. Bringing War to Bookis about books too, but in a refreshingly different manner: the core … Continue reading

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