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New on Early View: Beth Montemurro on Constructing and Deconstructing Narratives of Racialized Sexual Selves #sssi #sociology #gender

We have just published Beth Montemurro’s article ““The Way That I Look at Things [Is] Different Because It’s Me”: Constructing and Deconstructing Narratives About Racialized Sexual Selves” on Early View of the Journal. In her article Beth examines in-depth interviews … Continue reading

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New on Early View: Mathers – ‘Bathrooms, Boundaries, and Emotional Burdens: Cisgendering Interactions Through the Interpretation of Transgender Experience’ #sssi #sociology

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New on Early View- Chris Conner’s review of Monaghan/Atkinson’s “Challenging Myths of Masculinity” #sssi #sociology #masculinity

Chris Conner writes that Monaghan and Atkinson’s “Challenging Myths of Masculinity: Understanding Physical Cultures “is a highly sophisticated use of the interactionist perspective that challenges the taken for granted assumptions about gender and its performance”. Members can access his review of the … Continue reading

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Special Symposium published: “The Impact of Agnes: Reflections on Garfinkel’s Notion of the Managed Achievement of Sex and Gender” #sssi #emca

At the 2015 ASA Conference in Chicago, the ASA Section Ethnomethodology & Conversation Analysis organised a Thematic Session related to Harold Garfinkel’s famous paper on the “Passing and the managed achievement of sex status in an intersexed person”; the paper … Continue reading

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New Article on Early view: “Stories of Non-becoming” #sssi #sociology #identity

By taking asexual lives as an example Susie Scott, Liz McDonnell and Matt Dawson explore the negation of identity and the suspension of a trajectory. Their article “Stories of Non-becoming: Non-issues, Non-events and Non-identities in Asexual Lives” has just been … Continue reading

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On Early View: Jamie Mullaney’s Review of Asia Friedman’s “Blind to Sameness”

In her review “Opening Our Eyes to Sex Perception” Jamie Mullaney describes Asia Friedman’s book “Blind to Sameness” as “a fascinating, unique, and important contribution the fields of sex and gender, sociology of the senses, sociology of the body, and cognitive … Continue reading

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