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New Article on Early View – Wagner et al. on Neutralization Techniques by Gamblers #sssi #sociology

Gambling is often conceived as a major social problem as it entails huge cost for individuals and their families as well as for society. Jascha Wagner and colleagues have undertaken a fascinating study exploring the techniques that gamblers use to … Continue reading

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New article on Early View: ‘The Importance of ’empty gestures’ in Recovery’ #sssi #sociology

A new article has been published on Early View of Symbolic Interaction. In her paper “The Importance of ’empty gestures’ in Recover: Being Human Together” Astrid Skatvedt investigates the social processes through which ‘everydayness’ is accomplished in healthcare. Members of … Continue reading

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Free Access to Symbolic Interaction Special Issue on Erving Goffman #sssi #sociology

In February 2014, Symbolic Interaction published a Special Issue on Erving Goffman. As students return and everybody is getting ready for the new academic year the Special Issue might offer some good reading material, not only for sociology professors. The … Continue reading

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Shyness and Interactionism #sssi #sociology #museums #shyness

On its website the BBC discusses Joe Moran’s latest book “Shrinking Violets” in which the cultural historian explores shyness in politics, literature and psychology. The discussion neatly dovetails with Susie Scott and colleague’s article “Goffman in the Gallery: Interactive Art … Continue reading

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February 2016 Issue of Symbolic Interaction is OUT! #sssi #sociology

Symbolic Interaction Volume 39, Number 1 – February 2016 CONTENTS ARTICLES ‘‘I’m the Next American Idol’’: Cooling Out, Accounts, and Perseverance at Reality Talent Show Auditions by Junhow Wei ‘‘I am a cheerleader, but secretly I deal drugs’’ Authenticity through Concealment and Disclosure by … Continue reading

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On Early View Andreas Bischoff’s review of Winking & Leeds-Hurwitz’s book on Goffman

As the reception of our Special Issue on ‘Erving Goffman’ edited by Dmitri Shalin demonstrated there is an enormous interest in Goffman’s work and a need to (re-)examine his analyses  also in light of his biography. This interest in Goffman’s work also is … Continue reading

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Mervyn Horgan’s Review of “Drama of Social Life” edited by Charles Edgley #sssi

I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to Charles Edgley’s fabulous edited volume “Drama of Social Life”. In the most recent (November 2014) issue of Symbolic Interaction Melvyn Horgan reviews Edgley’s volume. He highlights in particular the unconventional departure … Continue reading

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