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Virtual Issue of Symbolic Interaction: The European Contribution to Symbolic Interactionism #sssi #sociology

While the European SSSI Conference is still in progress at the University of Salford in the UK, a Virtual Issue of Symbolic Interaction has been announced.  Edited by Emma Engdahl (University of Gothenburg) and Thaddeus Müller (Lancaster University) the Virtual … Continue reading


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Symbolic Interaction – List of Editors since 1977 #sssi

Dear friends and colleagues a small request:  is there anybody in the community who has a complete list of SI editors since 1977 to let us have it so that we can put online?   The Wiley Website has all the articles … Continue reading

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New book Review on Early View – Hans Bakker on Glenn Jacobs’ biography of C.H. Cooley

“This provocative book should be read by students of Symbolic Interactionism (SI) and by those interested in intellectual history. Glenn Jacobs utilizes the Cooley papers and seems to have read everything Cooley wrote, published (Cooley 1902, 1909), and unpublished. Jacobs has written … Continue reading

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Just out on Early View: Howard Becker on Outsiders by Thaddaeus Müller #sssi

There is considerable interest within our community in the history of SSSI and its key publications. One book that is central to interactionism and interactionist research and that probably is read by most students of sociology is Howard S. Becker‘s … Continue reading

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