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Review of Kimberly Kattari’s “Psychobilly” #sssi #sociology cc @sociologylens

Symbolic interactionists have a long-standing interest in music and subcultures. Kimberly Kattari’s book “Psychobilly: Subcultural Survival”, as Jeff van den Scott who is an ethnomethodologist at the University of Newfoundland says “presents the historic trends of psychobilly she introduces social … Continue reading

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New Book Review: Lee Blackstone reviews three books on music and wellbeing #sssi #music

There is plenty of interest in music and music related topics within interactionist sociology. Save for the large amount of research articles and book reviews in Symbolic Interaction we have the SSSI Music blog where J Sumerau and others explore … Continue reading

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New on Early View: “Collaborative Music-Making with Digital Audio Workstations”

A new article on Early View titled “Collaborative Music-Making with Digital Audio Workstations” has been published this week. The article written by Phillip Booker and Wes Sharrock “examines amateur music-making using a digital audio workstation, showing how audio and software … Continue reading

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SSSI Music Blog has sprung to life! #sssi #sociology

The SSSI Music blog has sprung to life! Jason Sumerau has taken on the blog and will post there on a regular basis from now. Please do send him contributions and comment on the post there. Thanks, Jason, for taking … Continue reading

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Now on Early View: Review of Kotarba’s Baby Boomer Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans #sssi #music #sociology #bookreview

Gretchen Larsen’s (University of Durham, UK) review of Joe Kotarba’s “Baby Boomer Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans: The Music Never Ends” has just been published on Early View. Larsen’s focuses her review on the question that is central to Kotarba’s book … Continue reading

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New on Early View: Bryce Merrill’s review of Aldredge’s “Singer-Songwriters and Musical Open-Mics” #sssi #music

Open-Mic nights have become again popular evening activity in many cities all over the world. Marcus Aldredge has written “a vivid and empathetic depiction of the social life of open mics”, argues Bruce Merrill in his review “Recommended if You Like: … Continue reading

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New on Early View at Symbolic Interaction: ‘Musical Ties That Bind: Nostalgia, Affect, and Heritage in Festival Narratives’

Lori Holyfield and colleagues have a new article out on early view. The article explores the narratives of music festival attendees to reveal how they allow them to create communities although they meet only for relatively short periods of time.

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