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Couch-Stone Symposium 2019 – Des Moines, Iowa, 16 – 18 May #sssi #conference #CfP

TEACHING & SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM Couch-Stone Symposium May 16-18, 2019 Des Moines, Iowa Co-Organizers: Laurie Linhart, Des Moines Area Community College David Schweingruber, Iowa State University How should Symbolic Interactionism be taught in the undergraduate classroom? How can the Symbolic Interactionist … Continue reading

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New Article out: ‘TipWork: Examining the Relational Dynamics of Tipping beyond the Service Counter’ by Eli R. Wilson #sssi #sociology #service

There is a sustained interest in economic sociology and economic interaction. In the light of this burgeoning body of research we have just published Eli R. Wilson’s article “TipWork: Examining the Relational Dynamics of Tipping beyond the Service Counter” that … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction: Volume 42, Issue 1 Thematic Issue: Technology, the Internet, and Social Media #sssi #sociology #openaccess #free

We have jus published the latest issue of Symbolic Interaction (Vol 42/1). This issue of our journal is a Thematic Issue concerned with “Technology, the Internet and Social Media”. It includes Scott Harris’ introduction followed by 6 research articles, a … Continue reading

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Review of T. F. Gieryn’s “Truth Spots” #sssi #emca

In the context of the current discussions about “post-truth”, “fake news” etc. Thomas F. Gieryn has published his book “Truth Spots: How Places make People Believe”. Patrick G. Watson (Wilfried Laurier University) has reviewed the book for Symbolic Interaction and … Continue reading

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SSSI Notes – Vol.47 No. 2 is out. #sssi #sociology

The latest SSSI Notes newsletter with information on the 2019 SSSI conference and much more can be downloaded HERE.

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New book review: Alex Dennis on Espeland/Sauder’s “Engines of Anxiety”

Alex Dennis describes Wendy Nelson Espeland’s and Michael Sauder’s book ‘Engines of Anxiety: Rankings, Reputation, and Accountability’ as “rigorous, human, and timely”. Members can download the review by clicking the image below. To join SSSI and subscribe to Symbolic Interaction … Continue reading

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New Article (Open ACCESS) Mark Perry et al. “Visual Narrative and Temporal Relevance: Segueing Instant Replay into Live Broadcast TV” #sssi #emca #sociology

In symbolic interactionism there is a long-standing interest in the media and their production. In this journal we have published a large number of articles by renowned authors like  David Altheide and Joel Best and more recently Chris Schneider and … Continue reading

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