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Review of Jean Peneff’s book “Howard Becker: Sociology and Music in the Chicago School” #sssi #sociology https://doi.org/10.1002/symb.496 cc @sociologylens

The history of this journal “Symbolic Interaction” is closely intertwined with Howard Becker, not only because he was our inaugurating editor in 1977. Lot’s has been written by Howard Becker over the decades, including his books “Evidence” reviewed by Dagmar … Continue reading

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On Early View “Labeling in Interactional Practice” by Greg Thompson

by Greg Thompson First fully articulated in Howard Becker’s book Outsiders (see Thaddeus Müller’s recent article on Howard Becker‘s Outsiders and Clinton Sanders’ “Working with Howard Becker“), labeling theory has had a long and storied history in sociological theory. Yet in … Continue reading

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Recollections of Working with Howard Becker

At the 2013 SSSI Conference in New York, Clinton Sanders was interviewed by one of our Associate Editors, Thomas DeGloma in relationship to his “Learning from Experience: Recollections of Working with Howard Becker” that was published in the May 2013 Issue … Continue reading

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