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New Issue out: Symbolic Interaction (@sijournal), vol. 44/3 #sssi #sociology @sociologylens

ARTICLES “It’s Not a Pattern of Behavior”: Proxy Deflection of Eviction Stigma by Community Care Providers Garrett L. Grainger Pages: 479-503 PDF Performance of Agency in Real-Life Encounters: Turning Unequal Power and Structural Constraint into Collaboration Nanna Mik-Meyer, Mark Haugaard Pages: 504-532 PDF … Continue reading

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The Relationship between Dating Practices and Setting https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/symb.153 cc @courtneybrubin @sociologylens #sssi #sociology #dating

In today’s New York Times, Courtney Rubin provides tips for dating safely in times of Covid-19. One aspect that plays only a minor role in Rubin’s article is the setting where the date takes places. This is somewhat surprising because … Continue reading

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On Early View “Labeling in Interactional Practice” by Greg Thompson

by Greg Thompson First fully articulated in Howard Becker’s book Outsiders (see Thaddeus Müller’s recent article on Howard Becker‘s Outsiders and Clinton Sanders’ “Working with Howard Becker“), labeling theory has had a long and storied history in sociological theory. Yet in … Continue reading

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Will Gibson’s review of “Status, Power, and Ritual Interaction” by Theodore D Kemper

Will Gibson (@willjimgibson) who co-edited the Special Issue on Interaction with me (@dirkvl) in 2011, describes Theodore D. Kemper’s “Status, Power, and Ritual Interaction” as “a remarkable thesis on the study of social interaction through the frames of status and power”. … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction – On Early View: Goffman in the Gallery: Interactive Art and Visitor Shyness

Susie Scott and colleagues have published an excellent new paper titled “Goffman in the Gallery: Interactive Art and Visitor Shyness” that has just been published on Early View. The paper examines how visitors to museums deal with “situational shyness” when … Continue reading

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