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New Article on Early view: “Stories of Non-becoming” #sssi #sociology #identity

By taking asexual lives as an example Susie Scott, Liz McDonnell and Matt Dawson explore the negation of identity and the suspension of a trajectory. Their article “Stories of Non-becoming: Non-issues, Non-events and Non-identities in Asexual Lives” has just been … Continue reading

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       Performances, Structures and Eugene Halton #sssi #sociology

Below you’ll see Robert Perinbanayagam’s response to Eugene Halton’s review of his book “Identity’s Moments: The Self in Action and Interaction“. If you have read Robert’s book and/or Eugene’s review please do add your comments below.  Dirk (@dirkvl) ————– It must be; it … Continue reading

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Review of Robert Perinbanayagam’s “Identity Moments” by Eugene Halton #sssi #sociology #identity

Eugene’s review of Robert Perinbanayagam’s book “Identity’s Moments: The Self in Action and Interaction” (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2012, 206 pp.) has just been published on Early View of Symbolic Interaction.

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On Early View: “Identity Dilemmas: Toward a More Situated Understanding” by Jennifer Leigh Dunn and S.J. Creek #sssi #sociology #identity

In Symbolic Interaction there is a long-standing interest in “identity dilemmas”, i.e. when people experience “conflicting sets of normative expectations, and by the holding of “contradictory” identities”. In their article “Identity Dilemmas: Toward a More Situated Understanding” Jennifer Leigh Dunn and … Continue reading

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Book Review on Early View: Scott Grills – Becoming Professors: The Scholarly Life and the Liberal Arts Campus #sssi #education

According to Scott Grills of “Roads Taken: The Professional Life, Scholarship in Place, and the Public Good” edited by Roger Epp and Bill Spellman is an “eclectic volume [that] captures the personal narratives of scholars whose life and work has … Continue reading

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Early View: Review of Steph Lawler’s “Identity” #sssi

With “identity” being one of the key interactionist concepts we and our students welcome textbooks that are concerned with the past and current developments related to identity. Steph Lawler has recently published the second edition of her book on Identity … Continue reading

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