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Review of Hammersley’s “The Radicalism of Ethnomethodology” by K. Neil Jenkings #emca #sociology #sssi

There is a burgeoning interest in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. This growing interest is reflected in the growth of participants in EMCA conferences and publications that add to the body of literature in the field as well as by critical … Continue reading

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New article by Nataliya Thell “Childhood‐Grounded Explanations for Personal Troubles” #sssi #sociology #EMCA

On Early View of Symbolic Interaction we have just published Nataliya Thell’s Article “Childhood‐Grounded Explanations for Personal Troubles. Social Problems Work in Radio Counseling”. Using conversation analysis this article explores how images of unfortunate childhoods are invoked to make sense … Continue reading

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New Article (Open ACCESS) Mark Perry et al. “Visual Narrative and Temporal Relevance: Segueing Instant Replay into Live Broadcast TV” #sssi #emca #sociology

In symbolic interactionism there is a long-standing interest in the media and their production. In this journal we have published a large number of articles by renowned authors like  David Altheide and Joel Best and more recently Chris Schneider and … Continue reading

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New article: “Manipulation in Board Game Interactions: Being a Sporting Player” by Emily Hofstetter & Jessica Robles #sssi #sociology #EMCA

We have just published Emily Hofstetter and Jessica Robles article “Manipulation in Board Game Interactions: Being a Sporting Player” on Early View of the journal. The authors use an approach used across symbolic interactionism, discursive psychology and conversation and analysis … Continue reading

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New Book Review: Neil Jenkings’ on Charles Goodwin’s “Co-operative Action” #sssi #emca #sociology #linguistics #anthropology

We have just published K. Neil Jenkings’ review of Charles Goodwin’s “Co-operative Action”. Jenkings writes that “[T]hrough Co-operative Action Goodwin has left us an integrated vision of human capacities, and indeed of what it is to be human, and to … Continue reading

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Review of Alex Preda’s ‘Noise: Living and Trading in Electronic Finance’ by J. C. Jekat #sociology #sssi #economic-sociology

Over the past 40 years, there has been a profound revival of economic sociology. In recent years, interactionist research has shown a growing interest in this sociological field and produced a fascinating body of work including studies of sales and … Continue reading

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New Article: “Central Bank Transparency as a Dialogical Accomplishment” by Petr Kaderka et al. #sssi #emca

We have just published Petr Kaderka, Ivan Leudar and Jiri Nekvapil’s article “Central Bank Transparency as a DialogicalAccomplishment” on Early View of Symbolic Interaction. Members of SSSI can access the article by clicking the image below. To join SSSI and subscribe … Continue reading

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