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New Article: D. Schweingruber & D.W. Wahl ‘Whither the Internal Conversation?’ #sssi #sociology

Based on a review of sociological and non-sociological research on the ‘internal conversation’ David Schweingruber and David W. Wahl “argue that interactionists ought to conduct research of our own to examine claims we have been making and to better understand … Continue reading

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New Book Review on Early View – Christopher T. Conner on J. Sumerau’s social fiction ‘Cigarettes & Wine’ #sssi #sociology

We have just published Christopher T. Conner’s review of J. Sumerau’s ‘Cigarettes & Wine’. J. who also is the editor of the SSSI music Blog┬áhas published ‘Cigarettes & Wine’ as a piece of social fiction that “blurs the lines between … Continue reading

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New Article: A.E. McKinzie “Scared to Death: Reflections on Panic and Anxiety in the Field” #sssi #sociology

We have just published Ashley E. McKinzie’s article “Scared to Death: Reflections on Panic and Anxiety in the Field”. In her article McKinzie uses an autoethnographic approach to investigate the experience of panic attacks as result of fieldwork. She aims … Continue reading

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