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New book review explores “a tension between unity and pluralistic social movements” – JL Johnson on R. Dunn’s “Toward a Pragmatist Sociology” #sssi #sociology

“Robert G. Dunn’s Toward a Pragmatist Sociology  demonstrates John Dewey’s influence on sociological imagination, arguing that a synthesis of Deweyan and Millsian social science could regain cultural relevance for sociology.” We have published J.L. Johnson’s review on Early view. SSSI … Continue reading


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New book Review on Early View – Hans Bakker on Glenn Jacobs’ biography of C.H. Cooley

“This provocative book should be read by students of Symbolic Interactionism (SI) and by those interested in intellectual history. Glenn Jacobs utilizes the Cooley papers and seems to have read everything Cooley wrote, published (Cooley 1902, 1909), and unpublished. Jacobs has written … Continue reading

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