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More on Howard Becker

Howard Becker’s writings keep on fascinating readers, both in academia and elsewhere. Only this month (January 2015), the New Yorker has published a longer piece by Adam Gopnik that traces Becker’s studies and their success in France (“The Outside Game“). Becker … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interaction Vol.37(4) is out! #sssi

The latest issue of Symbolic Interaction has just been published. The issue has it all: crime, blood, sex, and much more. For the Table of Content please go here.

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On Early View “Labeling in Interactional Practice” by Greg Thompson

by Greg Thompson First fully articulated in Howard Becker’s book Outsiders (see Thaddeus Müller’s recent article on Howard Becker‘s Outsiders and Clinton Sanders’ “Working with Howard Becker“), labeling theory has had a long and storied history in sociological theory. Yet in … Continue reading

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Just out on Early View: Howard Becker on Outsiders by Thaddaeus Müller #sssi

There is considerable interest within our community in the history of SSSI and its key publications. One book that is central to interactionism and interactionist research and that probably is read by most students of sociology is Howard S. Becker‘s … Continue reading

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New on Early View: “‘This was a sexual assault'” by Kelly Anne Malinen

Kelly Anne Malinen’s article ““This was a Sexual Assault”: A Social Worlds Analysis of Paradigm Change in the Interpersonal Violence World” just out on Early View of Symbolic Interaction explores changes to the sexual assault service provision in light the challenging … Continue reading

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